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Blog post – April 2018

I am currently working on the April blog post right now so stay tuned and check back in another week or so.


Shayne Hanks interviewed on Channel 9 News

Click here to see Shayne Hanks, Sports Psychologist, and Director of Performance Boost being interviewed on Channel 9 news about athletes in the news recently.


Commonwealth Games and the importance of sport psychology

The Commonwealth Games always brightens the focus of the media and the general public on elite sport. Not coincidently, this focus also touches on how athletes deal with the pressure of big events like the Commonwealth Games. I was recently interviewed by ABC 720 Perth in reference to my work with athletes at the WA(…)


Is having fun the key to getting fit?

I was interviewed recently for an article that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald and also on WA Today (see the link below) in relation to whether having fun was in fact the key to getting fit. The point that I wanted to make was that fun was only one aspect of getting fit. There has(…)


The Psychology of Tennis – A guide to effective thinking

I am pleased to announce that a couple of weeks ago I released my new EBook entitled the Psychology of Tennis – A guide to effective thinking. You can buy it for less than $10 on Amazon or I will forward a PDF version to you for the same cost. It is a practical guide for(…)


The politics of performance

I was asked to comment recently by journalist John Elder from Melbourne’s The Age newspaper on the psychology of Kevin Rudd’s return to Prime Minister. Check out the article here. You might be asking what a sport and exercise psychologist has to offer on politics. But I would say that it doesn’t matter where it is sport(…)


The art of choking

I was recently asked to comment by journalist William Thompson from www.backpagelead.com.au on the North Melbourne Kangaroo’s run of narrow losses in the AFL. You can read the article here.  So often in sport, athletes of all differing levels focus on factors that are not helpful to performance. In North Melbourne’s case, I suspect they(…)


A guide to effective thinking

I have just realised an EBook entitled Psychology of Tennis – A guide to effective thinking. Although written with tennis in mind, the content is equally relevant to just about any sport because the key to successful performance is effective thinking. The key approach that I use as a Sport and Exercise Psychologist with individual clients, and(…)


Ninemsn feature

I was recently asked to comment on a topical issue related to the Olympics in London 2012 – see the link below: http://www.health.ninemsn.com.au/healthnews/8508929/sex-before-competition-wont-exhaust-olympians One of the points that I wanted to reiterate is – what you think and believe about yourself and your performance counts for a lot. Our thoughts and beliefs have a powerful(…)


The Psychology of Sports

When people talk about the psychology of sports, they are oftentimes referring to the mental or psychological aspects of a sport, envisioning these to be not very different from the physical aspects of a sport; thinking that the psychology of sports can be calculated and figured with similar mathematical accuracy. While this is true in(…)