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Welcome to Performance Boost Life Coaching

Are you looking to boost your performance in an area or areas of your life? Are you looking to enhance your career? Your relationships? Your health and fitness?

Then consider working with Shayne Hanks.  Shayne is a trained helping professional – with a background in Sport and Performance Psychology – and has a wealth of experience, legitimate post-graduate university qualifications, and skills and knowledge. Click here to learn more about Shayne.

Shayne has actually worked with the following:

  • elite and professional athletes (including Olympians and AFL, NBL, NRL, National Cricketers, and the NSL etc etc),
  • performers across music and dance (professional singers, dancers, musicians)
  • business and professional people
  • doctors and medical specialists
  • and the military (fighter pilots in the RAAF and RAN special forces)

to improve performance and results. The common thread between all of those individuals and environments and is that they have taken ownership of getting the results they want and are prepared to work hard to achieve their goals. Does that sound like you?

Shayne is now offering his unique skill set to those who are ready to take responsibility for improving their quality of life and best of all, modern technology (Skype & FaceTime) now make this accessible and convenient for everyone across Australia.

The cost is only $150 per session and you can expect to see significant results within 3 to 4 sessions.

To make an inquiry click here.