Psychology of Tennis Ebook

Shayne Hanks, Sport Psychologist, has just released his new eBook on the psychology of tennis entitled the Psychology of Tennis – A guide to effective thinking. You can buy it for less than $9.99 from Amazon. If you have don’t have a Kindle then contact Shayne directly using the form below and he will send you a PDF version for $10.

It is a practical guide for improving the mental skills of young tennis players and also provides a guide for how parents can help in each chapter. Shayne Hanks draws on his background as a sport psychologist and experience in working with young tennis players to create an invaluable aid for those wishing to understand the tennis psychology of the psychology of tennis.

Specifically written for preteens and teenagers, but just as relevant to adults, the content is easy to understand and can be immediately applied on the tennis court. For the parents of preteens and teenagers each chapter also provides a guide for parents. The guide for parents is designed to assist parents to actively help their child or children in learning and using these vital mental skills. Please click here to purchase the eBook or find out more.