The benefits of sports physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy has come a very long way since its beginning in the nineteenth century. Before the last century, physiotherapy was seen by many as being outside the realm of science. It took real scientific investigation and efforts of sport physiotherapists to show there are real benefits and scientific methods behind sports physiotherapy.

Thankfully in more recent years the public continues to learn about and enjoy the many benefits of sports physiotherapy. With the aid of sports physiotherapy many conditions and injuries can be improved or assisted to heal even faster. For example, physiotherapy can be invaluable in training an individual to compensate for issues such as irregular muscle tone, as well as more pronounced or longer term challenges like amputated limbs.

Growing public acceptance of sports physiotherapy has made real relief and improvement in performance a reality for millions of people. From working out stretching and other physical sports physiotherapies, to more focused therapy like cryotherapy for treatment of soft tissue injuries, the benefits of physiotherapy are many.

Four main benefits of sports physiotherapy

  1. Musculoskeletal health issues can be assisted greatly with physiotherapy, where a physiotherapist may suggest and demonstrate how to perform a range of exercises that may: increase range of motion, increase strength, increase endurance, reduce pain and swelling, or speed healing.
  2. though many sports physiotherapists spend a lot of time treating sports injuries, this is not their only area of experience or professional training. Sports physiotherapy can afford marked benefits for many neurological disorders, like: spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, stoke, and cerebral palsy (to name a few).
  3. Cardiopulmonary issues are other areas where sports physiotherapists can help an individual greatly improve his or her quality of life, such as improving their breathing, endurance, which helps them to better carry out daily tasks and activities.
  4. Without the advances and growing acceptance of sports physiotherapy, not nearly as many people could return to their chosen sports or other activities as quickly as they can now. Sports physiotherapy treatment can be beneficial not only in facilitating faster healing of injuries, but also prevention of future injuries, and can help to alleviate the pain and stress that tends to occur with physical trauma.

Sports physiotherapy goes hand in hand with sport psychology. Though not always a part of sport psychology, physiotherapy can be valuable when used in conjunction with sport psychology. In order to learn more about how your existing physiotherapy can fit into a larger, more comprehensive improvement package, I invite you to make an appointment today!

One of the strongest attributes of the field of sports psychology is there is no “one size fits all” treatment plan. At Performance Boost we understand that each client has very unique strengths and issues, and each client deserves comprehensive range of treatments to best address their issues and goals. Call us today to set up an appointment and start benefiting from professional sports psychology today!