Online Sport & Performance Psych

What is online sport & performance psychology?

With online sport, performance psychology, or executive or career coaching consultation, you can access a trained professional using video conferencing.

We use only online video conferencing for Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin and all other regional and remote areas. 

Our preference is Zoom (as you can simple click on a link to access the video conference). We can also Skype or Face time technology if necessary.

Your appointment will be conducted just like a face-to-face session – you will be able to see, hear and interact with your psychologist ‘virtually’ for the length of the session.

Importantly, however, by conducting your session on-line you can significantly reduce the hassle associated with traveling to your appointment (like traffic, public transport, parking). We also offer flexible times, including in the evenings, maximizing the chance that you can find the time between work, study, and training, performing and competing, to get started on improving your performances.

All you need is a computer, a web cam (generally built in), a reliable internet connection, and a private space in which to hold your sport psychology or performance psychology session.  You will be billed via credit card or you can transfer directly via bank account during the session.

Who is on-line psychology for?

Online psychology using Skype or Face Time is convenient for people that have difficulty getting to appointments because they live in regional, rural, or remote areas. Athletes and performers are often also traveling and it online psychology presents a great opportunity to speak with a Sport Psychologist before competing or performing. Online psychology is also great for people with childcare commitments or simply those with a busy work and travel schedule.


Get In Touch Today!

We offer convenient online appointments to anyone across Australia and internationally. If you have an enquiry relating to sport psychology, workshops, executive coaching or anything else please contact Shayne Hanks using the form below, or alternatively, you can call Shayne on 0416 088 559 or email

Our online sports psychologists work convenient and flexible hours from our Perth offices (including evenings), so we will try our best to accommodate your preferred day/time. We will endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours, and look forward to helping you!