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Online Sports Psychology Australia

We are Sport Psychologists who specialize in providing sport and performance psychology to athletes and performers across sport, performing arts, and military environments.

We adopt online psychology methods using the simple video conference software Zoom (no need for Skype or FaceTime) to allow access across Australia. This not only allows access for those in regional and rural areas but takes the hassles and inconvenience out of getting to an appointment in a capital city.

Sport & Performance Psychology

We provide professional sports psychology services to elite athletes, professional athletes and teams, recreational athletes, and children and teenagers, while we also provide performance psychology to performers from a variety of disciplines, including dancers, singers, musicians, pilots, and medical specialists.  Click here for more detail.


Are you (or a friend) at a point in your life where you are experiencing difficulties that you are not able to resolve without some assistance? Click here for more detail.

Exercise Psychology

Exercise and physical activity can enhance performance, health, and enjoyment in certain activities and our psychologists work with you to help you understand how a range of psychosocial factors, such as personality, motivation, personal identity, and self-efficacy influence participation in physical activity across the lifespan. Click here for more detail.

Weight Loss

Do you want to get fit and lose weight? Are you frustrated by poor results achieved by dieting? We provide a psychologically focused treatment with a longer-term follow-up maintenance phase to ensure sustained weight loss. Click here for more detail.

Get In Touch Today!

We offer convenient online appointments to anyone across Australia and internationally. If you have an enquiry relating to sport psychology, workshops, executive coaching or anything else please contact Shayne Hanks using the form below, or alternatively, you can call Shayne on 0416 088 559 or email shayne@performanceboost.com.au.

Our online sports psychologists work convenient and flexible hours (including evenings), so we will try our best to accommodate your preferred day/time. We will endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours, and look forward to helping you!

Please note that we are unable to answer any questions from students so please do not use the inquiry form for that purpose.