A guide to effective thinking

I have just realised an EBook entitled Psychology of Tennis – A guide to effective thinking. Although written with tennis in mind, the content is equally relevant to just about any sport because the key to successful performance is effective thinking. The key approach that I use as a Sport and Exercise Psychologist with individual clients, and that I have outlined in the Psychology of Tennis – A guide to effective thinking, is to facilitate athletes developing the ability to control their thinking and behaviour. The first component of this approach is to increase the individual’s self-awareness of what they are thinking about it in the moment. The point of this skill is to allow the athlete to realise whether the current thoughts (and associated behaviour) are actually useful and helpful for high performance. If the current thoughts and behaviours are not useful then they need to be challenged or redirected. The redirection of attention and energy to helpful and useful thought patterns and behaviours is the key to high performance. As you can guess, the redirection of thinking to useful thought patterns involves premeditation to determine exactly what these necessary key thought triggers are. Ideally, they relate to the skill and/or strategy execution process. Take a look at the EBook and for the price of lunch you can significantly improve your performance in not only tennis but other sports and other areas of your life.